First ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ trailer answers every question you might have had about the series

The first Wet Hot American Summer series trailer was released today, and it managed to debunk many speculations and rumors without dialogue. Yes, everyone knows the series will be a prequel, but a question many wondered was WHEN would the show take place. David Wain went on the Late Show with Seth Meyers six months ago and discussed how the series will take place years before the movie, but with a cast that looks, arguably,16 years older than when the movie took place (comedy ensues).

According to the trailer, the series will take place in ’81 (the year the film was set) but instead of taking place the last day of summer camp, it will take place on the first day of camp, so we’re going to see all these old faces stepping on the Camp Firewood ground for the first time!

It will be interesting to see how they’re going to include new characters like Judah Friedlander into the bunch, who were not introduced in the movie, let alone stayed until the final day of camp.

I honestly don’t think it matters we all know how the series will end since the film takes place on the last day of summer. If shows like Fargo and From Dusk Till Dawn (only time anyone will ever reference that show in a positive light) have taught us anything, is that it’s okay to know how something ends, as long as you understand the journey it took to get there. Even films like Reservoir Dogs (now streaming) that begins with the final scene, are examples that just cause we’ve seen the finale, doesn’t mean we know dick.

The show doesn’t have an official release date yet, but all we know so far is that all 10 episodes will start streaming this summer!