7 things we want to know more of in ‘Mad Men’ Season 7

The end is near- as in “couple-days-from-now” near. Mad Men’s final episodes will premiere this Sunday on AMC, promising a conclusion filled with adultery and cocktails. The final seven episodes of the second-half of season 7 will hopefully answer some pressing questions all of us Mad Men fans still have. All seven seasons of Mad Men are currently streaming on Netflix; so lets take a look back at the questions we still have from the first-half of season 7.


1. Ginsberg’s Van Gogh meltdown

This is only on the top of the list because it was one of the most WTF moments in Mad Men history, apart from the lawn mower incident of course. When Ginsberg’s computer paranoia drives him to dismember his nipple and give it to Peggy as a token of his love, Van Gogh style, the poor shmuck is taken to the hospital where he is never heard of again. So, well Ginsberg be making a grand return this upcoming season? And if he does, will his technology paranoia be cured by a much needed virginity loss?

2. Megan’s role and maybe Manson death

After calling it quits with Don, Megan’s role in Mad Men seemed almost complete. We thought, “Bye bye Megan,” but a release of season 7 set photos revealed Megan would ultimately be back, wearing some skimpy hippie attire of course. So what else can creator Matthew Weiner do with Megan? Maybe kill her off in a Charles Manson murder, like many fanatics have predicted throughout the years? Who knows, but what we do know is that part two of season 7 could do without Megan’s flat presence.

3. Sally possibly attending Woodstock

The year is 1969, the same year of the legendary Woodstock. Little Sally Draper is no longer a little girl-as she proved multiple times the last few seasons- and a Woodstock festival seems the type of environment Sally would find home in. Drugs, sex and good music might be in the cards for our little rebel.

4. Don’s career 

What has Don not destroyed so far? After being suspended from the very ad agency he helped build up, Don has hardly gone anywhere in his advertising career, even writing up notes for Peggy at one point. Don’s many romantic misses and horrible career choices (fucking Hershey’s) have paved the downfall of Don. Who knows when this sorry loser will get his shit together.

5. Betty’s marriage to Henry

Bored, unsatisfied and ultimately unhappy, Betty’s marriage to Henry Francis seems almost like a thing from the past. Maybe another divorce is written in the stars for everyone’s favorite MILF, or maybe she’ll sleep with Don again who is just as helpless and unhappy. With little involvement in previous seasons, we hope Betty’s character won’t leave with a fizzle instead of a bang.

6. Joan getting hitched

After saying no to marrying her gay friend (Haven’t we all been there?) Joan’s love life is still in question. Reaching 40 and sharing an apartment with her mother, Joan’s work is her love life, but we can’t help but want a happily ever after for this boss redhead. There is always Sterling….but lets be honest, Joan deserves better.

7. Peggy and Don possibly ever getting together

Hinted plenty of times, the idea of Don and Peggy ending up together isn’t so farfetched as it was the first few seasons. Now that the tables have turned and Peggy is the advertising champ, maybe Don will finally admit that Peggy is a damn great catch. The two have the best chemistry, and though it isn’t sexual, I could see these two married by the finale. Rumor has it the final episode of Mad Men will be set in the present, so maybe Don and Peggy will end up being married BFFs at a retirement home, still understanding each other better than the other.

Bonus: By the way, whatever happened to Peggy’s kid?

Jesus….that poor kid. After granting custody of her child to her own mother, Peggy’s kid hasn’t been mentioned since she told Pete he fathered her child. Like zip, nada. Maybe one of the best Mad Men storylines will finally reemerge, exposing Peggy’s darkest secret. The kid must be about 6 by now, so maybe he’ll embark on a search for his actual mother.