Now Streaming Podcast Ep. 58 - Goodbye Jumpcut Café


Today on the Now Streaming Podcast I bring all four of the men who ran Jumpcut café (right into the ground). Coming back is owner and co-host of the Killer POV podcast, Elric Kane, and employees Charlie Tarabour, John Humphrey, and Kyle Kuchta. To have an official sign off to the coffee shop that helped me birth this crazy stupid idea of a podcast, I thought it right to bring them on and talk about their (least) favorite customer… the man, the myth, the old voice on this podcast… Fichael Mloyd. We talk about old times including that time David Wain was writing the Wet Hot American Summer series at Jumpcut and the server didn’t even know it was him… and we all had to remember the time Mary O’Neil told us we needed to watch TiMER… Except for Elric who claimed the trailer was “OK”.

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Titles Mentioned on Todays Show

by Andrew Furtado

by Elric Kane

by John Humphrey

by Kyle Kuchta

by Charlie Tarabour