11 gayest movies on Netflix

Spa Day Bachlor Party

Today America took a big step in the right direction and gave ALL humans the right to marriage. Only thing we forgot is gay divorce is still outlawed! I wanted to celebrate in the only way I know how, posting obscene lists loosely based on a subject that’s booming in hopes to get a few clicks! So in honor of gay marriage becoming completely legal here’s 11 of the gayest movies on Netflix!


Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

This goes down in history as (not one of) the gayest horror movie to ever be made. After years of denying it the documentary Never Sleep Again revealed that the director totally knew what he was doing and the writer meant every extremely blatant innuendo. I don’t know why they tried to hide it when the movie has a gym coach who hangs at leather bars, scenes where people are killed in the shower by towel snapping and the constant echo of the lead guy screaming “He’s INSIDE ME”. The movie is about Freddy trying to gain his powers back and needs Jessie, the boy who moved into Nancy’s old house, to kill for him. There’s even a scene where Freddy rips himself out of Jessies screaming body. Even though it’s NOTHING like other films in the franchise, it’s pretty great.


Grace and Frankie

This Netflix original show is ALL ABOUT IT, two law partners decide to tell their wives that for the past 20 years they’ve been more than just serving out justice… they’ve been - you get it. The show centers around both Grace and Frankie as they cope with the fact that they’ve been living a lie for the past 20 years and try to move forward while their ex-husbands plan their wedding. It’s a truly powerful look at the struggle between not just being in love, but being able to show it. Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston are fantastic and you really feel the connection and even when they’re supposed to be the “bad guys” for leaving their wives, you can see they did it for the right reasons.


Chasing Amy

What if Kevin Smith made a lesbian movie? Oh, he did? Chasing Amy… I’m sure it has to do with some returning characters like Holden and Banky and they fall for the same girl. But it needs a twist… she’s a lesbian! Oh shit, that IS the plot of the movie? Cool! It’s that foulmouthed Smith you’ve all come to love in his world of wild characters commenting on the subject of true love. I don’t really have to push this one on you.


Blue is the Warmest Color

I haven’t seen this but I know it’s all the buzz if you’re into someone with the same sexual organs as you. It’s French, so you know it’s gonna win your heart over and take a simple story and make it extraordinary. When a student falls in love with a teacher she met at a lesbian bar, shit gets confusing.


A Single Man

Starring the amazing Colin Firth, he plays a teacher who recently lost his lover, Jim. With plans to kill himself, he runs into a close friend who helps him get through this difficult time. True love man, it’s a bitch.


Any Day Now

Another one I haven’t seen but it stars Alan Cumming so I’m sure it’s just a sequel to Spy Kids. In the late 1970s, a gay couple take in a mentally impaired teenager who had been abandoned, but the three have to fight a biased legal system to stay together once authorities learn of the unconventional group.


Let The Right One In

This isn’t a direct gay/lesbian film but it defenitely plays with the idea, plus, anytime I can find a reason to talk about this movie I will. One of the characters has this odd transgender thing going on throughout the entire film. They never fully address it, but they did a great job of showing us what we need to see in order to GET IT… we see scars where the penis used to be. But this movie is one of my favorite vampire movies of all time, a small kid makes friends with his new neighbor who happens to be a vampire. Their relationship is completely confusing and full of moments you don’t know if they’re going to fight for kiss… just like an adult relationship. You can find both versions of the film on Netflix, but do yourselves a favor and watch the original, unlike the remake you’ll enjoy it.


Anatomy of a Love Seen

Google describes this film as “while filming a lesbian love scene, two actresses fall for each other and start a relationship that brings them love in all its painful, messy glory.” Isn’t that delightful.


Before You Know It

I wanted to make mention of this documentary I hadn’t heard of before, but which immediately caught my attention, Before You Know It is a documentary about the unrecognized issues gay people over the age of 60 and living in Texas encounter on a daily basis. Taking place around the time New York legalized gay marriage and focusing on three COMPLETELY different gay people-a cross-dresser, a black man, and a regular old white fella-watch as they struggle through what every 15-year-old girl feels when they turn 16: the fear of growing old.


Bear City

I wanted to end on the lowest note I possibly could. I’ve posted about all these great movies that help define a real life issue so it’s only fair I post one of the many soft-core gay pornos that flood Netflix! Bear City is all about a gay actor who is embarrassed by the fact that he’s into bears. Bears being big hairy gay dudes. He is brought into the underground world of bears and then learns that he’s not the only one… and it’s ok! This imporant life lesson is intercut with random graphic bear-gang-bangs… just sayin.

Spa Day Bachlor Party