Nightbreed (1990)

I actually had a bit of a struggle today, do I recommend a movie about gay marriage legalization or Nightbreed to celebrate it’s Saturn Award win?

Obviously, Nightbreed won. It’s not JUST because I edited the director’s cut but because the entire film is about the liberation of the different. The monsters in Midian are all put into one place because they don’t feel like they belong and when Boone is welcomed to clan, he helps them gain their freedom and challenge those against them! So, in reality I am recommending a movie that fits both categories I wanted. BOOM! Watch Nightbreed

  • Dave Handerson

    Wait a minute…doesn’t the director edit the director’s cut? I thought that’s why it’s called the director’s cut.

    • Andrew Furtaco

      Unfortunately no. It’s referring to the directors original vision. Most films, the producers have final say. Sometimes they change the directors vision.

  • BeaverJuk

    Way to go farside!