12 Reasons why to watch ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ on Netflix, explained by GIFs

Netflix brought us back to our childhood by releasing 31 episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy. 


And you are blown away by childhood memories of your favorite scientist.



Bill was always teaching us the fundamentals we needed to know to pass 5th grad science.


Always convincing us to “consider the following”.


He would get sentimental….in his Bill Nye way.


He always made weird scientific illusions you couldn’t explain.


He would teach us useful info outside of science, ahem.


He would always make the effort to look cool for us “kiddos.”


You know…for the kids still awake in class.


Yeah…he would REALLY make any effort to keep us entertained.


That’s why years later, he still deserves our undivided attention.


We salute you Bill!