16 GIFs that explain why ‘Legally Blonde’ is your guilty pleasure

So Legally Blonde is now streaming on Netflix, and you can’t help but get super excited, cause it’s actually really good and kind of important.


SO many people don’t take Legally Blonde seriously though, and judge your taste in movies for liking it.


At first you would deny liking it, but secretly quote Elle Woods whenever alone.


Then when you would confine to your S.O. about actually liking it, you realized that everyone who pretends not to like is just stupid.


Honestly they’re lying and you shouldn’t have to lie too.


They’re just jealous that Legally Blonde has both the beauties, the brains and the smart one-liners.


I mean, it’s not impossible for a chick flick to be smart and funny.


Legally Blonde teaches you a lot about the law…


…and important feminine mechanisms to get a room’s attention


It will forever hold the argument that orange is actually not the new black.


And provides you some of the best comebacks for whenever you’re called out for being unique.


It also helped us be honest about the real reason we’re with someone.


It also teaches you about endorphins….you know, unless you didn’t know much about that.


And whenever you get dumped, you remember to handle the breakup the way Elle Woods would, and call it how it is.


So remember to carry all of the Legally Blonde wisdom you have with you wherever you go.


And be proud that you like Legally Blonde, cause you’ve managed to have great taste and be yourself.