13 Bridezilla faces that will make you relieved ‘Bridezillas’ is leaving Netflix

Come on-We all hate them. Maybe we love to hate them, but any emotion we have for a Bridezilla will root out of hate, pretty much. So we’re not too sad WE’s Bridezilla season 9 is leaving Netflix May 17. That’s why we’ve created a compilation of Bridezilla faces we definitely won’t miss looking at.


1. The “I need to shit but I’m wearing a $5,000 dress” face


2. The “No plus one, bitch” face


3. The “I will cut you, if you ruin this for me” face


4. The “I wanted HOT strippers for my bachelorette!” face


5. The “I’m a hip crazy bride that takes a shit on traditional weddings” face


6. The “I don’t care if you’re the fucking groom, this is still MY time” face


7. The “Why am I marrying you again?” face


8. The “Look at the camera. Look at the fucking camera” face


9. The “HEY! Bridesmaids! Get over here now!” face


10. The “How dare you look better than me on my wedding day” face


11. The “Don’t matter who catches this, ain’t any of you bitches ever getting married” face


12. The “I want to kill my mother-in-law” face


13. And of course, the “Oh shit, I’m actually getting married” face


Wait? We’re actually doing this?