Now Streaming Podcast Ep. 56 - Turn Your Brain Into Mush With ‘Patch Town’


Happy Wednesday! I have returning Now Streaming Podcast champion Buz Danger Wallick, comedian Robbie Kirkhuff, and podcaster Jonathan Bilski (who was so kind to bring me on his show and SLIME me…) on todays show and this week thanks to the previous epsiode we were forced to watch Patch Town… a film about babies born from cabbages and then turned into childrens toys… then back INTO humans to be forced to work for the cabbage baby company. We watched it so you don’t have to… but you know you’re going to watch it. Unfortunately the reign of terror that is watching terrible films has continued and the curse has not been lifted. But with great pain comes the ability to laugh at it. Come laugh with us, won’t you?

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Titles Mentioned on Todays Show

by Andrew

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by Buz Danger Wallick

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by Robbie Kirkhuff

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by Jonathan Bilski

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