House of Cards “Chapter 37″ & “Chapter 38″ Review

“Who do you work for? Me or her?” -Frank Underwood

“Chapter 37″
S3 Ep11

So, you know how I said it was clear Rachel was dead? I was tricked. Damn you Max! She is apparently alive and well, but our hacker friend needs one of his buddies off the hook if Doug wants anymore information.

We see one of the biggest power moves in the show, as Jackie meets with Dunbar and says that her support is basically for sale, and that she wants to be Secretary of Defense. Dunbar rebuffs Jackie, and says that she wants to win the election without stooping to paying people off. Dunbar says she would love Jackie’s support, but she is only going to award people positions based on merit. Jackie is obviously shocked, and the three are set for an epic debate.

After not wanting to attack Dunbar’s personal life, Jackie goes all in by calling her sexist and attacking her children for going to private school. Frank sits in the background, but then attacks Jackie for going after Dunbar’s kids, even though it was Frank’s idea in the first place. Jackie is furious that Frank threw her under the bus, but Frank said if she wants to be on his ticket as a vice president, she needs to do what she’s told.

As planned, Jackie drops out of the race, but not before she publicly endorses Dunbar. I think the betrayal and flip flopping make this one of the best episodes of the season. “Chapter 29″ is still my favorite episode, but if you are a big fan of the wheelings and dealings in Washington, this will be right up your alley.

“Imagine what the voters would think if we started telling the truth.” Frank Underwood

“Chapter 38″
S3 Ep12

Heather Dunbar is ready to play hardball, and she tells Frank she will let the public know that Claire lied about her abortion. Frank comments that Dunbar is a real man(Frank’s version of a compliment), but he doesn’t think she will go through with it. Dunbar has a lead over Frank, and this could be a big nail in the coffin in Iowa. Frank of course gets in contact with Doug, and Doug burns the page detailing Claire’s lies. Frank makes Doug his new Chief of Staff, but Claire thinks this is a poor move, as Doug lied about destroying her diary and could have made copies. Frank doesn’t believe he did, but this is another incident that drives the couple apart.

A divorce seems imminentness for Claire and Frank, but would she really give up everything they worked so hard to achieve? A big dramatic conclusion is obviously in store for the final episode, but maybe Frank can win her back. After meeting with a woman who doesn’t support Frank, a young mother offers Claire the advice that it’s easy to leave your husband if you aren’t tied down by children.

How much of an impact did that comment have?  Only one more episode to find out!