The Purple Man Is Coming For ‘Jessica Jones’ In New Teaser!

I’ve been dying to see David Tennant as Kilgrave and the newest Jessica Jones teaser gave me just that!

It’s been common thought that Tennant was a great choice for the role and now that we’ve heard him speak and got a TASTE of the tone he’s bringing to the table… to put it in a way even teens can understand, imagine if Tennant as Barty Crouch Jr. from Harry Potter went to prison… got out of prison a new man. Cool. Calm. Collected. That sense of revenge he’d have against Harry… that’s what Kilgrave is feeling toward Jessica Jones.

Previous teasers have all been about Jones and her multiple powers and distain for being awake, so it’s great to see the other main character in the show getting some love.

The show airs on Netflix November 20.