‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt’ Episode 13 (Finale)

“Kimmy Makes Waffles”

S 1, Ep 13

And here we are. After 13 episodes, 6.5 hours, and numerous bright Kimmy outfits, the season one finale ofUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt proved to be both worth waiting for, but also worth scratching your head over. Before we jump into the good, the, bad and the over-the-top, lets start where “Kimmy Goes to Court” left off - Back at the bunker, where the mole women are gaping at the content of the reverend’s secret vault.

A videotape sits alone in the reverend’s vault; the mole women’s last hope to turn around a jury that are too charmed by the reverend to prosecute him. Kimmy excitedly plays the videotape hoping it will reveal some baggage that will put the revered behind bars, but is greatly disappointed when she discovers the tape is a compilation of strange reverend antics, like him awkwardly auditioning for The Apprentice. There’s also a bit of him trying to DJ- I promise you, you’ve never seen Jon Hamm like this before.

Already let down by Kimmy’s plan, the mole women become more infuriated when they discover they’re trapped in the bunker. The mole women figure an escape plan pretty fast though, and stand on each other’s shoulder trying escape out of the air vent. The escape becomes a success, and the ladies march back to the trial, hoping they can pull something off even with an unhelpful videotape.

Back in the city, Jacqueline realizes Kimmy hasn’t been around, though we could say the same for her. She looks for her at Kimmy’s basement/home, and meets Lillian whose also freaking out over Titus and Kimmy’s absence. The two team up to look for them in Indiana, where the trial is, and venture out to a very odd road trip. Lillian is enjoyable as always, but Jacqueline’s Native American roots keeps sprouting back, which I don’t mind, except it’s not very funny. Jacqueline even beats up a high school team who’s mascot is the Indians; fighting for the heritage she has tried so hard to disown. The whole bit seemed out of character and uncomfortable, and by the end of the episode Jacqueline has removed her contact lenses, revealing her brown eyes which she now takes pride of, accepting her Native American background. Not so certain this plot will continue next season, and I’m not sure I even want it to.

Back at the trial, the revered is finally put under questioning but he calmly contradicts anything and everything Kimmy asks. The jury still can’t find anything wrong with this charming Jesus freak who cleans up well, that is until Kimmy plays the video. Thought to be useless, the video is actually the proof they need.

Turns out the reverend’s Apprentice audition was dated a few days before the reverend’s proposed rapture date. So, if the reverend believed the world was ending in just a few days’ time, then why is he auditioning for next season’s Apprentice? Boom! Case closed, this guy is full of shit, never believed he was saving these women actually. Jon Hamm is now behind bars.

The final scene is unsurprisingly outside the courthouse, where everyone takes off, and says their final goodbyes, high off the trial’s exciting turnout (any film with a court scene has the aftermath sigh of relief). Kimmy calls back Dong-whose been calling her nonstop all day- and discovers the IRS did would up catching our illegal immigrant friend, therefore forcing him to marry a much older GED classmate, in order to secure his stay in the US. Yep. That’s how they dealt with the Dong proposal; just swept it under the rug. Pretty sure our lovely Dong won’t be appearing next season.

Someone who will be appearing next season though (at least a couple episodes before Fey also sweeps her under the rug) is Titus’ wife. You read that right. Throughout the season, Titus has hinted he was married before, never expanding on it and changing the subject whenever he mentioned it. Well his wife, who he’s apparently still married to, believed Titus was dead until she saw his viral video. Titus’ already huge eyes could not have grown bigger.

“Kimmy Makes Waffles” was an ode to everything Kimmy has overcome, making her the neon-wearing woman she is now, but also, again, proved how many holes the writers aren’t too afraid to leave behind. The Dong thing pissed me off, and the accused “racism” on the show isn’t rubbing so well on people, but everything else is. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, though not perfect, was what most of us expected from 30 Rock’s creator- like the popular Tina Fey comedy, the bits that didn’t work are almost overshadowed by the bits that work greatly well. Expect the following months to be an array of Kimmy fever; from t-shirts to references over the water cooler. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is without a doubt, another gold star for Netflix. Move over serious drama originals- Kimmy’s here to stay.