5 moves about drinking just in time for St. Patrick’s Day

I’m not Irish, and hey, maybe you aren’t either, but I think it’s safe to say that anyone who enjoys the homelessness of an Irish pub are looking forward to tomorrow. Just cause I’m not Irish doesn’t mean I can’t drink myself to a horrible Hump Day hangover, or watch movies about drinking in general, that’s why I think it is important everyone enjoys a good drink (or four) tomorrow.

Though not about St. Patrick’s Day, these five films celebrate drinking for any occasion, reminding us the good and the bad that comes with drinking more than your body weight. Here’s our 5 Movies Drinking Movies, all streaming on Netflix.

1. 21 & Over

Everyone remembers his or her first time, and I’m not talking about the time you popped your cherry in the back seat of your mother’s car. Drinking legally is possibly the greatest milestone for any American-that is until your drinking gets out of control and you realize you are in fact unhappy and should probably go to AA. Until that happens, why not reminiscence on that great 21st birthday you had by watching 21 & Over, which is every 21-year-old’s dream: to drink and get into major shit, ultimately upping your street cred. 


2. Glory Daze

Glory Daze involves two iffy things: Life after college and Ben Affleck. Both sound like great ideas, until shit hits the fan, like paying off your student debt or Ben Affleck starring in Daredevil. However, the combination of Affleck and post-grad issues works well in Glory Daze, because director Rich Wilkes did everyone a favor by adding another element- alcohol. Alcohol is the motivating push this gang of lost 20-year-olds are in desperate need of, but it is also a pushing point for some.



Beer also goes by the alternative title “The Selling of America,” which could not ring more truth. Poking fun at the masculinity gimmick most beer ads rely on, Beer will remind you why we drink and why people want us to continue to drink (hint hint: money). Though the macho image doesn’t apply to every beer-lover, the hilarity of a man on TV wearing a cowboy hat and pleading you drink a beer to match his macho-ism is too irresistible to overlook.

4. Back in the Day

High School reunions are the most difficult thing to ignore. I do not care if you proclaim to the world than you’re uninterested in the whereabouts of your gradating class- there is at least a small part of you that is dying of curiosity; hoping everyone’s lives are less successful than yours. Back in The Day is a high school reunion movie that involves a lot of drinking, because how else can someone go through a reunion. Reliving some of his best high school moments, Jim Owens makes it his mission to try to enjoy this blast from the past with a beer in hand, and god don’t we enjoy watching him make a fool of himself.

5. Drinking Buddies

Starring an all-star cast of comedic sweethearts, Drinking Buddies is a mash-up of Always Sunny and Clerks II, except definitely not as funny. Actually, not even close. Drinking buddies and coworkers Kate (Olivia Wilde) and Luke (Jake Johnson) are great together, and know they want each other, except their with other people, and not just any ordinary people, but fucking Anna Kendrick and Ron Livingston. Here we watch the age-old tale of being with someone while thinking of someone else. Sometimes the best people to be with are the people that enable your horrible drinking habits. Yes, that was the best dating advice I could come up with.