Andrew’s Recently Watched on Netflix!

It’s really tough to find what to watch on Netflix, so we’re going to start posting lists of movies WE’VE been watching to help narrow down your options. Here’s what I’ve recently watched on Netflix:

Regular Show: “Peeps”
S2 Ep 4
Since they’re removing a lot of the Cartoon Network this week I thought I’d honor them by watching one of my favorite newer cartoons! Regular Show is simply an acid trip for children. Some say Adventure Time takes the cake in this aspect, but a show where a raccoon and a blue jay take there orders from a gum ball machine… c’mon.

This episode involves a security company called “peeps”, they help you scare your employees into working hard. When Mordecai and Rigby slack there way through it all, it’s up to peeps TOP TEER security system to do the trick. 24-hour surveillance under a giant eye.

Silent House
This horror movies takes place in “real time” (single shot) and the is based on true events of which, seems to be just a very boring home invasion. It was a true-who-dunnit with a supernatural twist. The good news is that the single shot gimmick never really wares thin, they did a great job at creating a terrifying world using what they had, a small house and an Olsen sister. The entire movie is repetitive and the only thing that was shocking to me was how they made each scene less exciting than the last.

Danger 5: “I Danced for Hitler”
S1 Ep 1
Every show needs to start like Danger 5! My friend pitched this to me with the opening scene, and that’s what I’ll do for you… Nazi’s steal the eiffel tower with blimps and upon seeing this, a group of French women SHOOT THEMSELVES… IN THE FACE. It’s an over the top comedy from Australia made by people who grew up watching hokey action shows and wanted to make one that could be better and badder (not a real word, don’t care) then what they watched. If you have a dark sense of humor and love seeing just how wild the are down under… this show is for you.

The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden
I was turned on to this documentary by FANGORIA’S Rebekah MacKendry on last weeks episode of my podcast and even though she hadn’t finished watching she did a very good job at wetting our beaks of intrigue. When a couple uproots their lives to move onto their own island, their own paradise. When their island gets an unwanted visitor who plans on creating a hotel… blood is spilt. Unfortunately, what I just wrote is 10 times much more entertaining than the film. The entire film was told through still shot images and actors reading out the diaries of those involved. It was a cool idea and is full of historical awesomeness… just a little boring for my taste.

Tommy Boy
The first of the month brought along this joyful dandy. Chris Farley at his best in a film that, if it starred anyone else, would have done well… but wouldn’t have been 1/3 as funny. The script was great, from the 90s when the lovable oaf was breaking box office records, Adam Sandler was funny, and SNL was amazing. The film is 90 minutes of Farley trying to sell people on brake pads when he can’t even sell a sandwich to his own stomach.