Now On Netflix - ‘A Very Murray Christmas’ ‘Tangerine’ ‘The Chosen’ And More!

This week gave birth to some new Netflix originals now on Netflix, from washed up comedians trying to show everyone how hard there lives are, Real Rob, to the most notable A Very Murray ChristmasWe were blessed with some of the greatest unseen films of last year as well! Below are some of the top titles that are now on Netflix this week available for your viewing pleasure.


A Very Murray Christmas
Bill Murray is back in action and trying to put on the most amazing Christmas party ever… if only people would show up. Sofia Coppola and Murray reunite for this epic Netflix original full of special guests and singing galore. I think this will be an instant Christmas Classic right next to the Pee Wee Herman Christmas Speical


This movie looks awesome, it’s produced by the Duplass brothers and shot entirely on iPhones. It promises to be a gritty look at the love life of one transgender fresh out of prison who learned her man hasn’t been faithful while she was in the joint. Sounds like she’s gotta keep her bitches on lock… just sayin! It looks fun, exciting, funny, and tense!


The Chosen
Former podcast guest, Marc Hustvedt’s production of a teen horror film starring youtube sensation Kian Lawley… it’s ok if you don’t know that name yet, you will after watching this! The movie is an indie horror about a boogie man after one thing, Kian’s little sister. It’s if Paranormal Activity 5 met Poltergeist. It’s now on Netflix and ready to give you nightmares!