Netflix Socks That Pause The TV When You Pass Out?! Make ‘Em Yourself!

The Netflix group has been encouraging innovation and creativity from its subscribers to try and figure out new ways to Netflix. They’ve created a DIY page for people to share their ideas with the how-to so people can make their own… mostly they all involve soldering tools and an abundant amount of free time. One man actually created a Netflix Switch that turned on your TV, ordered dinner, and dimmed the lights, all with the press of a button…

Now someone has shared their Netflix socks, the video is a little hard to understand, but after delving into it I realized what they do. The Netflix socks detect when you fall asleep and automatically pause your show until you wake up.


The creators have made a sleep detection technology of their own called actigraphy. It basically notices when you stopped moving after a long period of time, then sends a signal to your TV that pauses your Netflix. If you’re like me, you’re in the binge-zone and won’t be moving too much… but don’t worry, if you’re still conscious the sock shoots a red LED flash to give you a warning before the signal is sent. Any movement will call off the dogs.


The thing that is kind of awesome is that even if you don’t have an understanding of electronics and microcontroller programming, you might just want some kick-ass Netflix themed cozy socks! They released free templates online that look like they’d satisfy any knitters Netflix fantasy.

I hope that explained it a little better for you than that video did. I don’t think I’ll be making these anytime soon, but if any knitters out there wanna make an extra 10 bucks… I’m a big BoJack fan and a size 14…