Time To Chill With The ‘Netflix and Chill’


I think the Netflix and chill trend has finally hit a hard stopping point. I’m not saying those who are using to Netflix to get laid should stop, but people need to know that just like your grandma using the word “YOLO”, Netflix has started to make fun of this popular phrase.

Today Netflix released a video on how to build your own “Netflix and Chill Switch” or as I like to say chillswitch engage.

Not only did they make this video showing what the box can do, but then offer instructions on how to make your OWN chillswitch. I think it’s great that Netflix is keen on playing along with jokes but this box is like any joke on Big Bang Theory… it’s overkill and makes you frustrated that they actually put thought into it.


On the positive side of this video, Netflix added a “share your ideas” suggestion box. This lets people talk directly to the Netflix creative team and is a perfect chance to tell them what they can do to make Netflix better. If you have any ideas outside of, “get better movies” then you might actually want to take this open invitation to be heard seriously!

Get in there and tell them about the Now Streaming Podcast!!!