Wagner Moura Gained 40lbs for ‘Narcos’ S1, S2 He Wants A Fat Suit

The widely popular drug drama Narcos debuted with a mass of positive reviews and almost instantaneously renewed for a second season. The show about the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar starred Wagner Moura as the distinguished dope dealer and according to an interview with Vulture, Moura gained 40 pounds to portray Pablo as he really was, a tubby mustachioed monster who hucked heroine with a smile that could lite a room.

The experience of gaining the weight for filming was so unpleasant that when the show was renewed, the first thing Moura requested was to wear a fat suit.

The Brazilian actor said that’s not all he gained, he took a trip to Medellin, Colombia to gain deeper understanding of the real-life man and to learn the Spanish language. It all paid off because he’s become one of the most popular Netflix stars since Frank Underwood.


According to iDigital Times, Narcos Season 2’s release date might fall in late summer or fall of 2016. So I expect it to release the same time season 1 did, which was late August.