14 upcoming Netflix original series you need to watch out for

Netflix is, once again, stepping up their game, dominating the world of video rentals and even purchasing, constantly making sure there are reasons for more people to have an account. This year, they will ensure your-and everyone else’s-business by adding a crap load of original series that we will all probably obsess over the moment they’re released.

The mere popularity from shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, is solid evidence that Netflix should only pick up the pace. They clearly know exactly what people want to see and this year that will be even more evident with a ton of new options, adding to the variety of comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, and action. Here’s a small list that we’ve found of Netflix original series to watch for in the near future.

1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (March  6)

Next week, you can thank Tina Fey and Robert Carlock (writer for SNL and 30 Rock) for bringing Ellie Kemper as Kimmy Schmidt, a woman who’s escaped a doomsday cult and is looking to start things over in New York City. Packed with hilarious talent from shows like 30 Rock and The Office, Unbreakable Kelly Schmidt should be nothing less than awesome.



2. Marvel’s Daredevil (April 10)

We’re all at least sort of familiar with the story of the blind superhero, Daredevil, but this time we get to see the charming Charlie Cox play the part instead of Ben Affleck. I mean, we all know anything Marvel does is badass, so why are you even acting like you’re not going to watch this?

3. Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones (TBA, currently filming)

Another show from Marvel that I’m sure no one will miss, AKA Jessica Jones focuses on a female superhero who’s careers from big-time crime fighting to private investigating. It’s been an interesting experience watching the demand of increase in female superhero shows and movies, and it’s good to finally see some of these anticipated female heroes come to life.


4. Sense8 (TBA)

Creator J. Michael Straczynski joined forces with Andy and Lana Wachowski to create this sci-fi style series about eight distant strangers that are linked to each other through their minds and become hunted for their differences. It sounds pretty cool and the Netflix Original Series category can definitely use more sci-fi, but development on the show continues to be pushed off, making the future of this one unclear.


5. Grace and Frankie (May 8)

Starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Grace and Frankie centers on two women who don’t get along but wind up finding a connection once their husbands reveal they are running off together. Just that info alone is enough to make this not worth missing.



6. Bloodline (March 20)

For those that are into dramatic thrillers, this is just the series for you. A man who doesn’t really fit in with his fancy high-class family, decides to make a visit to mix things up a bit and threaten exposure of deep secrets. Not really sure what’s going to happen in this one, but the trailer looks intense. Bloodline also has a super talented cast including Kyle Chandler, Linda Cardellini, and more, and it’s another birth from the creators of Damages…so it can’t be all that bad.



 7. Club de Cuervos (TBA, currently filming)

Possibly an attempt to add more diversity, this will be the first Spanish language show to join the Netflix Original Series family. Currently filming in Mexico, Club de Cuervos is a comedy about the politics and drama behind the fabulous world of soccer.



8. The Get Down (Some time in 2016)

Moulin Rogue and Great Gastby mastermind Baz Luhrmann is taking his visual porn to the small screen with The Get Down. This musical drama series will have all the flare Luhrmann is known for. Exploring the birth of hip-hop in the 70s, Luhrmann’s series is sure to not dissapoint. Imagine watching Luhrmann’s vision in 13 episodes? Mind blown.

9. F is for Family (TBA, currently in production)

From comedian Bill Burr and Simpsons writer Michael Price, this will be another animated comedy series based on Bill Burr’s childhood childhood in the 70s. I don’t think we have anything to worry about if it’s anywhere near as funny and clever as BoJack Horseman.

10. Chef’s Table (TBA, currently filming)

It’s pretty obvious that we Netflix bingers love us some food, and that’s why this series is such a good idea. Sit around and listen to your stomach growl for this docu-series from producer David Gelb, as we watch six damn-good culinary masters show us their craft.

11. Narcos (TBA)

I mean, who doesn’t like a show about a drug lord? This time it’s Pablo Escobar, or “The King of Cocaine,” a cocaine trafficker who decides to get involved with politics, because of course drug lords need to have power on a governmental level. Starring Wagner Moura as Pablo and directed by Jose Padilha who recently directed Robocop (the remake), Narcos will start streaming sometime this year.

12. Dinotrux (TBA)

Netflix has combined powers with Dreamworks to make Chris Gall’s series of books, about a super freaking adorable robotic dinosaur, come to life. Set to release sometime in spring, I might have to join the children and experience Gall’s world of half-dinosaur half-robot creatures.

13. Popples (TBA)

This series that (apparently) aired originally in the 80s will be coming back from the television graveyard to Netflix, giving these cute brightly colored furry animal (things?) another chance. Knowing nothing of these creatures, it just seems like someone is feeding off the nostalgia obsessed, but who knows, it could be great.

14. Marseille (TBA)

Set in the city of France, Marseille will be joining Netflix in spring. A story of power focused on the town’s mayor Robert Taro as he fights to maintain his position in office. This will be the first French show to join the Netflix original series.

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    Knights of Sidonia is kind of an exclusive too isn’t it? 2nd season is supposed to air this spring some time.