Netflix Brings Another Show Back To Life - ‘Gilmore Girls’ Returns!

I know nothing of the world of Gilmore Girls… but I do know that almost every housewife just got excited because Gilmore Girls has just been confirmed as the next Netflix revival show.

The story just broke via TV Line, and since I know nothing of the series I will just copy and paste the info for you.

Sources confirm that Netflix has closed a deal with Warner Bros. for a limited-series revival of Gilmore Girls penned by series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and exec producer Daniel Palladino.

Although negotiations with the cast are only now beginning, I’m told all of the major players — most notably Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson — are expected back for the continuation. Additionally, per multiple insiders, the revival will consist of four 90-minute episodes/mini-movies.


I’m hoping the series happens because after Netflix announced the complete series of Gilmore Girls was going to start streaming, Jordan Dobbs Rosa started calling himself the “Gilmore Guy” and if this new Gilmore Girls season happens I know that he’ll review it for the site! Because to him:

Gilmore Girls