Yes, the ‘Gilmore Girls’ is Coming To Netflix… And No I Don’t Have To Post About It. Wait.

The other day the news broke that Gilmore Girls will be coming to Netflix on Oct 1st and people were PISSED that I wasn’t the one telling them this news. Everyone kept saying Gilmore Girls but for some reason I kept hearing Golden Girls, so when I couldn’t find any info on that I thought it was a hoax. I was told by contributor/intern of the podcast Jordan Dobbs Rosa who messaged me when he realized I hadn’t posted anything… and he has a genuine love for all seven seasons of the show.

Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix on October 1st. I am officially your Gilmore Girls correspontant. I have figure out an angle, but it’s gonna Gilmore Money Gilmore Problems up in here.

-Jordan Dobbs Rosa

The man is a legend. Not only is he going to help me make up for lost time by not posting this, he’s going to make you wish you never saw any of the episodes… just so you could experience them through his eyes.

I’ve now built this up beyond belief and hope he can deliver. NO PRESSURE.