Hell Comes To Earth in the Form of A Netflix Price Raise

It’s a sad day for people who really hate change… Netflix has decided to raise the price of it’s most popular streaming plan. The current $8.99/mo plan, which allows for HD streaming on two screens simultaneously, is now $9.99/mo. Luckily for current users, the price increase is for new subscribers at the moment and the price for current subscribers won’t go up until October of 2016.

As for other plans, the basic, non-HD $7.99/mo plan and the high-end four screen $11.99/mo plan — will remain the same price.

The Netflix price raise was talked about a few months ago, so it’s not a surprise that Netflix said something and then followed through with it.

Yesterday Uproxx reported on this and shared a tweet that made the price raise an easier pill to swallow…

Although I am alright with a dollar increase, most of America is not and are tweeting Netflix with angry tweets like that. To try and calm the waters Netflix is responding to all of them. It’s fun to think that there are hungry people in Africa and we’re complaining about a dollar.

Check out the Netflix twitter response feed and share your favorite angry tweet!