The Recognizer! #1: Eve Plumb Sighting


“I’m F**kin’ Great With Faces!“™

Blue Ruin (2014), now streaming on Netflix, is one of the kick-assiest revenge thrillers you’ll ever see; a low-budget, indie nail-biter that packs just as much of a visceral wallop as any Hollywood actioner (no, not auctioneer, stupid god damn autocorrect). Ruin just might be the best of its ilk since the original Taken. While taking in the film, due my super-strength recognition powers, I happened to spot former Brady Bunch middle child, Eve Plumb!

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.28.04 AM

If you blink, or if you’re an asshole, you’ll miss Ms. Plumb as Kris Cleland, the matriarch of an evil redneck family that’s being targeted by our hero, Dwight (Macon Blair). Plumb shows up in the finale brandishing an automatic weapon. It turns out, however, that Plumb wasn’t very cool about the gunplay.

In an interview with promoting Ruin, Plumb says she can’t stand guns and almost didn’t take the role. She certainly wields the bullet-sprayer with authority. Did she have any weapons training during the Brady era? Marsha, Marsha, REVENGE!™


  • maxdank

    There was a band in Boston in the mid-nineties called Eve’s Plumb. The singer went on to have a bit of a solo career under the name Vitamin C. I used to find her attractive. She’s probably pushing fifty by now. And still attractive! I don’t know.