What Have I Started? The Half Watched Movies on Netflix

One of the beautiful things about streaming movies is that we’re able to start and stop as we please, sometimes we have to go somewhere and spend the rest of our evening wondering how the movie’s going to end… while other times we look for an excuse to turn it off. Here’s a list of my half watched movies on Netflix along with half assed excuses why I haven’t finished them. 



I saw Antiviral pop up on Netflix last week and thought the poster looked interesting so I added it to my list. The movie takes place in a world of celebrity-obsessed people who can purchase viruses and other pathogens the same way we can Sydney Leather’s labia on ebay. The movie was full of shots that made you as uncomfortable as Caleb Landry Jones‘ performance. The above photo is probably the only shot people will remember or talk about from Antiviral. At one point, I checked the timer and was shocked to see that I wasn’t almost over… It felt so slow that I lost interest. I wasn’t in the right mood for a film that was slow-paced and unsettling when I clicked play so I turned it off. I’ve tried multiple times to finish this movie and each attempt has been unsuccessful so I’m calling it quits.



All I knew about Blue Ruin when I turned it on was that EVERYBODY was talking about it and that everybody wanted me to see it. It’s a movie that was made thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and the film delivered on everything the director promised in his video. It’s a revenge film where a homeless man gets news that the man who killed his parents was released from prison and after a botched attempt at payback is forced to protect the ones he loves. I am a firm believer that if a story is good you’re able to have a lower production quality, but this movie had incredible production quality and a great story with strong performances… think Out of the Furnace but good. If you liked that movie you’ll love Blue Ruin.  This is one I’d actually recommend so I’ll post the trailer instead of a still.



This is a title that I’ve had a curiosity for since it first found it’s way to the Recently Added carousal but I hadn’t had the driving interest to see it. Last night my buddy pitched me the first five minutes and it sounded pretty intense! A 1st person POV style slasher flick starring Elijah Wood as a troubled man with a desire to dominate women and collect their scalps. It’s a reimagination of the 80s flick with the same title and it really doesn’t have the same charm and quality the original had. ALTHOUGH at the same time it is as it’s own a pretty rad movie without being associated with a previous hit. I found myself really getting into the style of them literally putting us in the mind of a maniac and letting us in an odd way… feel for him to the point we feel bad that we’re actually feeling bad for this psycho. The movie has a heavily female body count of about 5 or 6,  this being the week of leaked nude photos, I felt that there was enough misogyny going around and I should stop it. For the rest of the next day I wouldn’t stop thinking about how it would end so I turned it on in the background and found myself glancing over at it constantly until the end credits where I was left questioning what could have actually happened.


I was happy to be able to finish the ones I could but those are my half watched movies on Netflix. What are some titles you couldn’t get yourself to finish? It’s not a bad thing that you couldn’t finish anything. I can’t stress that enough! THE BEAUTY OF NETFLIX IS THIS FACT!