‘Orange Is the New Black’ will go on without Jason Biggs

Let’s be honest. Larry is possibly everyone’s least favorite character (he’s certainly ours). I, personally, would rather hang out with Vee and her crew, or go through starvation endured by Red than be friends with Larry. Piper had to go to prison to realize Larry wasn’t for her. Fucking prison.

So, we’re not too upset with the recent news that season three of Orange is the New Black will continue without Larry. Jason Biggs (American Pie) who portrayed Larry the past two seasons confirmed today, with the New York Daily News, that season three will indeed be Larry-less.

“They’re not focusing on Larry at the moment … Larry will not be in Season 3.”

Biggs did add that Larry might make an appearance in future seasons, but we’re not crossing our fingers for it.

A Netflix official did confirm that Larry will, in fact, not be appearing in season three. Apparently filming for the season already wrapped up, but Netflix is still not releasing the anticipated release date. Throw us a bone Netflix!