‘Jadotville’ with Star of 50 Shades of Grey is coming to Netflix

Jamie DornanGuess the world can’t get enough of sadist Christian Grey and his fancy pants playroom. Netflix just acquired thriller Jadotville starring Jamie Dornan a.k.a. “The man who ruined Valentine’s Day.”

50 Shades of Grey’s Dornan stars opposite Guillaume Caunet (Blood Ties) in this time piece set in 1961, following a Irish UN battalion led by French and Belgian mercenaries…

You awake yet? Yeah, we know. This Jadotville sounds as dull as Anastasia’s personality. Anyways, we unfortunately do not have the answer to the only question you’re asking yourself, and that is- Will Dornan show off that dong? He only showed off his ass in 50 Shades of Grey, as well as his poor acting chops, but will that dong finally make its much-anticipated debut? We don’t know, but most of us can only hope (penis lovers pray).

Jadotville will be directed by Richie Smith and produced by Alan Moloney who,according to Deadline, reportedly said Netflix was the best way to go for this project.

“As filmmakers, we are constantly looking for new ways to bring a movie to the largest possible audience. Netflix has already reinvented the TV market and is now moving front and center into the film business,” said Moloney.

Moloney is right; Netflix is the best market to showcase a 50 Shades of Grey star. Now women (and some men) everywhere can stream Dornan’s great bod, and pretend he’s thinking BDSM thoughts as he tries to be a European mercenary. This might be enough to hold some people over, as we wait for the anticipated (sort of) inevitable sequel, which will likely consist of more bland Twilight talk and over the top sex scenes. If you haven’t seen 50 Shades yet, we recommend that…you don’t. And if you do, well, you just lost 2 hours and $14.