Calling all bronies: ‘My Little Pony’ will stay on Netflix (for now)

Bronies have it hard. Frowned down upon by the dating community, bronies look for love and comfort from none another than their little ponies, who, undoubtedly, love them back. Now bronies won’t be so alone the next following weeks, because Netflix has decided to keep the My Little Pony series for a little longer.
Netflix reported January that the animated favorite would stop streaming February 2nd, but if you can do the math (we used the calculator app) you might’ve noticed this deadline passed. The series will not be removed, actually, until March 16, including other Hasbro shows Pound Puppies, Littlest Pet Shop, Transformers Rescue Bots and Transformers Prime, which no one, other than maybe your little cousin, cares about.
So bronies rejoice; you won’t be so alone after all. You have plenty of time to binge-watch My Little Pony while others binge watch that boring pony-less House of Cards (this Friday bitches!). They just don’t understand, do they?