Bill Burr in Bed With Vince Vaughn and Justin Long for Netflix Animated Series and New Special!

Standup Bill Burr has become the latest to team up with Netflix during its ongoing campaign to bring every comedian under its umbrella. He joins luminaries like Chelsea Handler, Jim Jefferies and more, all of whom have found the site to be very hospitable as they strive to do their thing in this brave new world of media platforms as numerous as the channels on a cable TV menu.


Burr, like Handler, has multiple projects in the works with Netflix. His newest standup special, I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, premieres on the site in December. It precedes the just-announced animated series F Is For Family, which (if the name is any indication) seems unlikely to offer a smoothed-over perspective on the modern American nuclear family.


In fact, the show promises a skewed view of domestic life in the 1970s, and takes its inspiration from the personalities of Burr’s own life. Giving voice to the comic’s memories will be a whole slew of big names, with notables such as Justin Long and acclaimed actress Laura Dern joining Burr in the cast.


The stars are not confined to the cast, either. Burr’s co-creator is Emmy-winner Michael Price of The Simpsons and production company Wild West Television is a Vince Vaughn enterprise. Betting on F is For Family to fail due to an insufficient number of accomplished entertainment industry stalwarts would seem to be a losing proposition


It goes without saying, no doubt, that Burr’s standup will always find its audience. As for F Is For Family, the talent being assembled and the declarations from Burr that he’s very much sympatico with both the people paying the bills and the people running up the expenses suggest that he will be two for two on Netflix team-ups. Keep an eye out for them both on Netflix streaming!