Trailers From Hell: All The Netflix Original Trailers This Week

These new Netflix Original trailers are coming so fast I can barely keep up! So, I wanted to put a neat little list together of all the trailers for Netflix originals that were released this week.

I think I’ll start doing a nice collection each week of all the Netflix Original trailers from that week. Comment below and tell me what I should call the series!



Netflix released the trailer for their most anticipated follow up season ever… Daredevil has already announced they will be adding The Punisher into the mix and never made it aware if he’s for or against Daredevil… This trailer, clearly marked Part 1, is only half the story… which ended up being the trailer for the Frank Castle portion and a fucking glorified teaser trailer for the Electra portion. Either way, it looks incredible and I can not wait until March 18.


Pee Wee’s Big Holiday

This one looks fun! No matter what they do with this film, or how old Pee Wee looks… this film will be 1000% better Big Top Pee Wee. The trailer keeps Pee Wee pretty silent, I think because Paul Reubens sounds as old as he looks now. However, the story looks as fun and goofy as we could ever ask for, full of fun cameos, side stories, and even a balloon fetish… there’s two balloon scenes in this movie! WTF?! Let’s have some fun and enjoy the hell out of this one guys!


The Characters

Netflix is really pushing their new series, The Characters on us, it’s hard to say what to expect because they’re giving 8 different comedians their own 30 minute show, so each episode will be lightyears different. One of the comedians is Natasha Rothwell, they released one of her segments to wet your beaks and keep you excited for the show. She’s here to teach you the ways of the “basic bitch” and how to own your status!


House of Cards

I saw this premiere at the GOP debate and it was glorious. Super fun to see Netflix keep us aware of the shit storm real America is in for if one of those republicans gets elected… Either way, they made a 30 second spot just for us to enjoy!