STREAM ‘EM AND LEAVE ‘EM: Titles Leaving Netflix This Week (Feb 22 - 29)

What’s up home skillets, hope you are having a blast with your fine selves.. I don’t know why I’m talking like that either. No matter what, here’s the titles leaving Netflix this week. Since it’s the end of the month I added the last day (even though those are leaving Netflix NEXT week) to give you a heads up on what to watch before it’s gone.

Lots of great titles like Blue Ruin and National Treasure are leaving Netflix… but also shitty titles like The Missing Lynx and (the movie we named out trivia team after) Halloween Resurrection… Dangertainment 4 Lyfe!

Either way, those aren’t the only films leaving Netflix this week, and I encourage you, like I do every week, to try something new that you haven’t seen! Maybe share your experience in the comments below and warn us if it’s no good!



February 22


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February 29