‘Narcos’ Dies When Pablo Dies - What Does Season Two Have in Store?

Looks like popular Netflix shows do come to an end, according to the Christains, the hit show Narcos‘ second season will be the end because it will follow Pablo Escobar to his death.

The Christians say, the plot point is close to the conclusion of the first season, at a point in time when the character escaped from the prison and in real life.

It has been added that show producer Eric Newman was firm to mirror the show storyline to Escobar’s life; thus, it is highly probable that fans will see the character’s death in the series, just like the real Escobar’s death 18 months following his escape in real life.

In my opinion though, that’s all bullshit. Narcos can continue without Pablo because it’s following the incredible true life of Steve Murphy, played by Boyd Holbrook… and he and his mustache are doing a killer job on the show. Hard to see the show ending just because one bad guy has been defeated.

Narcos will be returning sometime in August, but you can always rewatch season one right now on Netflix.