The Amount of Bandwidth Usage That Goes To Netflix Will Blow Your Mind

I know how important Netflix is to the world, including the recent Netflix and chill epidemic of 2015… let’s be honest… it’s going to the start of a new baby boom. It’s been said that Netflix owns the majority of the internets usage and while roaming Tucson I stumbled upon an article with a few graphs that show just how much of the internet’s is due to Netflix.

The article said that in 2015, over 36 percent of all Internet bandwidth in North America has come from Netflix streaming…

There’s no real punchline to this article, I was just floored by that information and I thought to share it with you… I’ve never been so proud of America like I am right now. Stream on!

  • BrandonH

    That is amazing! Thank you for all of the great Netflix streaming information you provide on this site.

    • Andrew Furtaco

      No worries man! Glad you find it useful