T-Mobile Working To Stream Netflix Without Burning Data

You read that title right, looks like T-Mobile is continually trying to make subscribers forget their service sucks by adding even more features! With their Uncarrier X event scheduled for November 10th, the biggest question is, “what is T-Mobile going to do next?!”. Thanks to the reliable leakster, @Evleaks, the next big perk for T-Mobile customers will allow them to stream video from apps like Netflix without burning data plan.

T-Mobile has done different promotions that have worked well and made other companies change the way they do things, like unlimited music streaming from popular services, paying off your fees if you change to their service, and now “Video Freedom”.

Right now the only services brought up have been HBO and Netflix. But I’m interested to see what other services get added to this list, popular ones include YouTube, Hulu, and Vimeo… Eh, no one really uses Vimeo.

Keep your eyes peeled for the November 10th unveiling!