Full ‘Jessica Jones’ Netflix Original Trailer Has Surfaced


The first full trailer for the Jessica Jones Netflix original has finally surfaced and it proves that Netflix wasn’t kidding… this is going to be much darker than Daredevil (tonally, don’t worry, you won’t have to adjust your brightness).

The trailer shots very similar to Daredevil mixed in with shots of Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) using her super powers of flight, strength, and what seems to be her biggest power; deadpan irony. I wasn’t super impressed to be honest until they added in the villain, because every super hero is only as awesome as their nemesis.

The moment they introduced Kilgrave (David Tennant) on screen you can see the power he has over people, his ability to get people to do whatever he wants just by telling them what he wants. Sorry men, it doesn’t always work like that. But as the trailer builds we find out the psychological warfare that Kilgrave has declared on Jessica as well as the lasting effect it’s left on her.

The story is set for the first season, Jessica must face her biggest enemy and stop him from hurting people just to get to her. Unlike Daredevil, Jessica Jones didn’t stumble onto his baddie. Jessica has been stalked by hers so much that she’s tried to go into hiding. When Jessica is with blonde woman in the interrogation room says, “he made me jump for hours as high as I could. He said I was never as good as you.” It brought chills to my core. Those chills were multiplying as the disturbing images of what Kilgrave is capable of such as all the cops pointing their firearms at innocents, themselves, and each other.

The entire trailer confirmed my excitement level for the show and I can not wait until I can binge watch this instead of doing laundry. The entire first season becomes available November 20.