6 Monster Movies on Netflix To Tame The Beast Within

Friday! FRIDAY! It’s Friday! Time to get your Halloween costumes together and take them for a test drive… even it’s just a trip to Walgreens, you deserve to let your freak flag fly. It’s only fair to celebrate your transformation with some killer monster movies on Netflix, luckily I found 6 from across the globe that will help tame the wild beast within all of us.

These films have as much carnage as they do creativity, every one of these monster movies on Netflix will leave you satisfied yet demanding a sequel… because they’re THAT good.

I know that these titles are from all around the world, so if you aren’t in the region that the film is streaming, you can use simpletelly absolutely free to change your region!


6 Monster movies on Netflix


Splinter (France)

To this day I am so happy I stumbled upon this movie. A modern day independent monster movie with a unique creature that was put together with practical effects?! I know, it’s rare now days! A couple on a camping trip runs into two criminals on their way to Mexico. When they stop to get gas their greeted by a spiked creature who with a single prick can infect you and break you down from the inside out until you’re just another lifeless host. This movie won 6 Screamfest awards when it was released, including “Best Picture” and “Best Transformation”. Both of those awards were well deserved.


Grabbers (2012)

Monsters, mayhem, and malt liquor! This alcohol infused monster movie is as fun as it is scary. Set on a beautiful island just off the coast of Ireland, a bunch of aliens are discovered and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can kill them. What do Irish people do when they’re out of options? Drink their drinks until they’re drunk.


Troll Hunter (2010)

This Norwegian found footage film is about a group of film students making a documentary about illegal hunting leads them to meet a mysterious man who claims he slays trolls for the government. It takes a few minutes to really get the ball rolling but just like it’s snowy setting, the movie just gets bigger and bigger and BIGGER until you’re in awe of these majestic creatures we Americans think only lived under bridges and went after boysouls.


Storage 24 (2012)

Another practical effect monster movie that locks a group of strangers inside a storage facility while the town is on lockdown. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only thing that got locked in, the other is a beast of great preparations and all it wants to do is make you its lunch.


The Howling 3: Marsupials (Mexico)

Ok, this one is hard NOT to mention. Sure it’s part of a werewolf franchise, but The Howling 3: Marsupials is one of the weirdest creature movies I’ve ever seen. It follows a tribe of Australian human-like marsupials that has been captured and studied by some scientists. One of those scientists falls in love with one of the marsupi-ladies and their love connection (literally) gives birth to one of the most disturbing and eye popping scenes I’ve ever witnessed. It’s beautiful and body cringing and the only reason I would ever tell someone to watch this movie.


Brainiac (1962)

My girlfriend stumbled upon this movie recently and her and I found Brainiac to be more fun and creative than some of the B-movie dreck that has been pumped out in recent years. In 1661, a man is burned alive by the Holy Inquisition of Mexico for witchcraft. As he was dying he declared he would seek revenge on those who did this by attacking their descendants. 300 years later he comes back as a brain-eating beast ready to make good on his vow. Yes, the movie is cheesy and the effects are sometimes goofy, but it was so much fun to see how inventive they were and how much detail went into the costume. Some parts are throbbing and his tube claws are just opening and closing for effect.


That’s my list! If you have any other monster movie favorites please leave them in the comments below so I can feel stupid for not putting them in THIS list.