Netflix Exclusive ‘Star Wars’ Series Deal Will Change The Future


Star Wars is going to be making waves for the next five years on the big screen with the new trilogy and multiple spinoffs with Han Solo and Boba Fett, but how about on the smaller scale?

Netflix reported that it will be adding more to it’s already impressive roster of Star Wars series TV shows with an all new live-action show! Netflix and Disney have had a great relationship with the past Marvel deal that they’re going all in with this. Disney says its ambitions are far greater than anticipated. After a reported three-series deal (minimum) Netflix will be the home for more Star Wars than virgins have masterbatory aids.

Other than it’s announcement, it’s unclear what the shows are going to be about, when they will take place, or what series they will follow. It is possible that it could follow the way of Clone Wars and exist in its own universe without effecting the future films, but let’s be honest… Disney gives no fucks and any chance to make money with tie-ins and cross-overs they’ll take.

Although the first show doesn’t have a release date, the show is slated for a 2017 stream date.