Netflix Dating App - Soon You’ll Be Able to find the Couch Potato of your Dreams!

A new app is hitting the market called “Netfling”, which allows you to find someone in your area with a similar Netflix queue to you, so you can spend the rest of your life sharing a couch with someone who doesn’t mind watching all of Orange is the New Black in a single day.

This Netflix dating app gathers all the information from your Netflix account, like your most watched movies and t.v. shows and maybe even favorite genre and then presents you with matches that you could share the eternal couch with. Being able to sit on a couch with someone for 8 hours at a time binge-watching shows is a pretty good indicator of a successful relationship, so the app has serious potential to beat out E-Harmony and

Hopefully it leads to some Netflix-themed weddings. Who wouldn’t want a Frank Underwood impersonator performing the wedding ceremony?

  • Chris

    I want a girl that’s a streamer in the streets and a screamer in the sheets.

    • Andrew Furtaco

      You want a girl who watches Netflix when they’re driving? Damn, that’s living dangerously

    • ElleCobb

      Oddly similar to the first thing I said to my partner in his bed.