Jacky’s Recently Watched on Netflix

It’s really tough to find what to watch on Netflix, so we’re going to start posting lists of movies WE’VE been watching to help narrow down your options. Here’s what I’ve recently watched on Netflix:

Waiting For Forever (2010)

The title is impossible to say five times in a row but then again this movie is impossible to watch again, ever. The 6% on Rotten Tomatoes speaks for itself but I’ll help shine some light on this very creepy love story (that’s not supposed to be a very creepy love story). Waiting for Forever is about childhood friends Will Donner (Tom Sturridge) and Emma Twist (Rachel Bilson) who are separate over time to where Emma becomes a Hollywood movie star and Will is “waiting for forever” until he meets her again.

The only good part about this movie was seeing Summer from the O.C. aka Rachel Bilson act again. Unfortunately, Bilson couldn’t save this movie from not being a (for real) stalker story. Maybe it would have worked if the characters had a little more depth than just Will being obsessed with a girl he doesn’t even know anymore and Emma not caring only about herself in every situation. It is only worth a watch to check off your list of seeing all movies that include Rachel Bilson.


Boys and Girls (2000)

The title of the movie may be off-putting but the story is kind of a guilty pleasure in the genre of romantic 00’s comedies. For some reason Boys and Girls never really made it to the big leagues of famous rom-coms but it is still a must see for Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani fans. The story is about a boy named Ryan (Freddie Prinze Jr.) and a girl named Jennifer (Claire Forlani) who originally meet during their childhood and continue to intertwine in each other’s lives till college, like fate would have it.

The story may not be original but the chemistry between the two will keep you intrigued up until you finish the movie. But honestly, who needs that when you get to see one more movie with Freddie and Claire in it. Some say this movie is like the teen version of When Harry Met Sally but I say it’s a movie to take a chance on, putting aside the terrible name and horrible marketing towards how sex ruins a friendship.


Beautician and the Beast (1997)

This movie is obviously a fan favorite for die-hard Nanny fans, since we don’t get enough of her anymore and of course, as fans, we should keep all of her work sacred. The story is about a New York City beautician (Fran Drescher) who is mistakenly hired as a school teacher for the children of an Eastern European Dictator (Timothy Dalton).

The movie has a good take on teaching kids to have a little more heart and feel love from the missing mother figure in their life. Since every movies in the 90s had a missing parent. Drescher and Dalton really worked together (as complete language opposites) and ended up bringing the best out of each other in roles they don’t usually take on. And by roles for Fran, I mean sentimental and to the heart and for Dalton… the same. In the end, nothing beats a feel-good movie with cheesy jokes and romance with a dictator.