Top Time Travel Titles on Netflix

Do you ever think that when you’re watching something on Netflix that someone somewhere else is watching the same thing? I’m not talking about someone in Canada or Japan… I’m talking about somewhere else in the space time continuum. Do you think they’re streaming Terminator 2 in 1940? I think we need to celebrate the movies that show us that 88 mph can do more than just get you a speeding ticket. Here’s a list of some incredible time travel titles on Netflix right now!



I’m going to start this list off with something for EVERYONE! A fun and cute movie that was inspired by a real article that the writer saw in his local newspaper. The ad read that a man was looking for a partner to go back in time with him, he’s only done it once before, and safety is not guaranteed. In the film a writer takes two interns to try and investigate if this guy is for real or not. I got to tell you, it’s a pretty cool film with characters that you find yourself relating with in little bits.



This is a show that I haven’t even seen but when I told my roommate Hans that I’m writing this list he told me I need to make sure this is on there. He was drunk at the time so I told him to pitch me the story… and here you go.

“So this doctor invents this time machine, but he fucks up and instead of just going back in time he goes back into peoples bodies. He can only do this in his… lifetime, like he can’t go beyond his own lifetime. I mean he can’t go before he was born. Uh, so then the person ends up in the future, and you go ‘ok what the fucks going on?’ but I guess they don’t remember so it’s no big deal. But meanwhile, Sam (who is the star) has to right a wrong in this person’s life in order to switch back. He’s got a hologram that goes back and tries to help Sam figure out the wrong that needs a rightin’. Every episode starts with him… leaping into someones body, and then he sees who he is in the mirror and goes, ‘oh boy!’ Like every time.. it’s kinda his thing.”

I don’t know about you… but I’m sold.



Sometimes a best selling novel should just stay as such… no train wreck better displays this than Stephen King’s Langoliers. When Flight 29 flies through a strange aurora in the sky, all but 10 on the plane mysteriously vanish. Among the survivors are a schoolteacher, a blind girl, a machine worker, an airline pilot, a British secret service agent, a mystery novel author, a musician, a drug addict and a raving lunatic. Fearing a dangerous situation in Boston, the airline pilot lands the plane in Bangor, Maine, where they discover to their great surprise that the rest of the planet is also deserted. Now, it’s a race against time to refuel the plane and take off, because the Langoliers are coming and they’re hungry for some human flesh….



This is one that I haven’t seen yet, but it seems interesting enough. Scott, a history professor, becomes involved with two time travelers from the year 2586 after making a discovery in an old photograph. One of the time travelers is determined to change the course of history, the other to stop him. Scott’s fascination with the Old West comes in handy when they all return to 1886.



If you liked the idea of Minority Report but can’t stand a 4 foot man taking down bad guys… than you’ll enjoy the shit out of this show. A time cop gets pushed back to the year 2012. From the pilot on you’re bombarded with eye catching special effects, plot twists, social and political commentaries, and all the Canadian accents you could hope for.



I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the show that has taken time travel, took it out to a nice seafood dinner, romanced the hell out of it, and they’ve been in a great relationship ever since. The show has seasons upon seasons of what I’ve been told are incredible episodes. People have spoken and Netflix has recently started uploading classic episodes in a separate



One of the most perfect films of all time. A robot comes back from the future to kill John Connor… but ANOTHER robot comes back to stop- if you haven’t seen this movie just stop reading right now and watch. Best 2 hours you’ll spend this month!



S2 Ep 18 “Odyssey of Flight 33”

I watched this episode thinking it was the one with William Shatner, I was wrong… but this was was pretty cool too. A flight gets caught in some turbulence and when things clear up they realize that they’re somewhere else or better put, someWHEN else. I had to say it… are you mad? You look like you want to hit me. You hate me don’t you?


Hope you enjoy going through time and space and experience some when in a lifetime opportunities.

  • Shan-Bosslady Hardesty

    Sliders should have made the list!

    • Andrew Furtaco

      Sliders what’s on Netflix when I made this list! But I’m making a new one right now and I’ll add it in!