Hey there, hi there, ho there! Welcome to the Punch Drunk TV podcast, where Jack Conway and Aaron Pruner get inappropriately drunk and talk about all things television. I know, it’s a crazy concept but it has worked for these idiots since 2012.

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Perviously, we hosted a similar show over at GeekNation with the TV podcast Pass The Effin’ Remote. For three years, we drank about television at the site, but have moved on to a new home here at NowStreamingPod.com. If the urge hits you, click our dumb faces below to find all 128 episodes of the show:


Don’t fret, Effers, as not too much has changed…well aside from the look and name (sorry, TV Drunks was taken). So why not take a seat and knock back a few as we be share the latest bits of television news, our picks for Winner and Loser of the week, and more good stuff.