I know most of you know that I’m a Netflix-file, last year alone I spent almost 1,000 hours streaming on Netflix (I calculated it) which is almost 50 days worth of content. So when it comes to my significant other it’s pretty obvious that they will be spending time with me in front of the TV, and it would benefit BOTH of us if we’re interested in the same stuff. Luckily, I snagged a girl who isn’t just into the same stuff, but she has opened my eyes to a bunch of things I never even would have heard of… Thanks lady!

I know I’m not the only one who bases their relationship status around the glowing flat screen (I wish this was 10 years ago, when flat screen sounded exotic and high-end)…  E! just shared this article with the world and I thought it was fascinating, so I wanted to share the whole thing with you…


In the ’50s, going steady meant giving your girl your school ring or letterman’s jacket. In the ’90s, entrusting the care of your Tamagotchi to your significant other was a huge deal. Then came Facebook relationship status updates, which was the millennial equivalent of shouting your love for someone from the rooftop.

2016’s version of going steady with someone? Sharing a Netflix account.

Netflix recently polled its users on how its streaming plays into their love life, and the results are fascinating. Is there a science award given out for studying Netflix and Chill data? There should be.

Here are some really intriguing facts and figures regarding dating and your one true love, Netflix.



27 percent of Netflix users say show-compatibility is important, which means a person’s Parks and Rec preference might be a deal breaker. And 13 percent said they would ask someone out based solely on if the person likes the same show as they do.

Is someone more attractive based on the shows they watch? 25 percent of people said yes! So if you’re looking to fall in love, maybe take a look at your Netflix viewing history and think about your choices. Although if someone doesn’t accept your Gilmore Girls binging, then they don’t deserve you at your best.

More than half of the people polled said they considered sharing a Netflix account as a big step toward a more serious relationship. And 17 percent even said they would wait to be engaged or married before they even considered sharing an account.



Married couples or people in long-term relationships were all about date nights on the couch. A whopping 72 percent of users said one of their favorite ways to spend a night with their boo was watching Netflix together.

The couple that streams together, stay together? Over half of the people surveyed (58 percent) said they bond with their S.O. over Netflix. That’s not surprising. We all know that if you find someone who will watch every episode of Friends with you over and over again, you have found your soul mate.

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t just tell your BAE that you love them; show them you love them by letting them pick what you watch on Netflix that evening. That is true romance right there.