Can we all agree that this looks weird? Netflix just released a trailer for their new comedic venture, The Characters, which is a show where eight unknown comedians team up do what seems like a sketch show… But each comic gets their own episode?

Netflix enlisted eight up-and-coming performers to create a show where each person is given a half-hour each and allowed to jam whatever characters, sketches, and ideas they wanted into that time. It seems from the trailer that they will all be doing something different but equally strange as the others, but the big question remains… will it be the next Kids in the Hall, or will these comedic freshman have to go back to class?

So if you’re a fan of young comedians being given total creative freedom you might have just found your new favorite series. But if you’re like me, like the character says in The Characters, “I was injured in a trust fall…” And that trust fall was Movie 43…. So until I see more this will be Series 43 to me.