STREAM ‘EM AND LEAVE ‘EM: Titles Leaving Netflix This Week (Feb 1 - 7)

I am going to be the barer of bad news… not only is it Monday and you have to go back to work, but an Alan Rickman is leaving Netflix this week. I’ll accept the judgement and say it’s all my fault. Lots of titles are on Netflix, but only a few are leaving Netflix this week. So that’s at least a positive. If you want to pay your respects to Alan Rickman, you could do your own little marathon, but start with Bottle Shock because it’s leaving Netflix Wednesday… Then you can go on to Galaxy Quest and rest safe knowing it’s staying on Netflix.

You can watch Compliance before it’s gone, and make sure you read our review… get the full scoop as to what makes that movie so uncomfortable.

Hope you enjoy your week and get a chance to see all your favorites leaving Netflix this week!


February 1

February 2

February 3

February 4

February 5

February 6