10 Great Movies To Watch Before Leaving Netflix In March

So many great titles are leaving Netflix in March! It’s sad that they’re going, but here’s a few of the cream of the crop that you should take a minute to watch before they disappear from Netflix’s roster forever.


Bad Boys II 

Let us remember the kick-ass days when Michael Bay had treys of cocaine on set and ordering African American actors to scream louder. Bad Boys II is one of the rare occasions where Bay got it right! The pair of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith will rattle your senses! How? I don’t know!


American Pie (1999)

The king of voyeuristic sex crime films or as Hollywood likes to call it, “the 90s.” American Pie is a comedy that never hesitated to push the envelope or downplay the importance of losing your virginity to be cooler than all your friends. It’s hard to remember this movie without thinking of all the raunchy lines that became part of everyday conversation like “one time at band camp…” and eventually got it’s spin-off film American Pie’s Band Camp… thus ending the reign of that saying. Either way, you can’t blame the original for all the terrible sequels! Enjoy the catalyst!


Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986)

This one is a hilarious comedy starring Nick Nolte… I know, who could have guessed that one!? Down and Out in Beverly Hills shows that no matter what you give a homeless man, he’s always going to want to fuck your maid.


Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

The early 00’s was a great time… this is simply just a great movie. I can’t say more than that. It was a great way to intro the new year, Nic Cage being as mighty as his bleached blonde hair would let him… surrounded by some great acting talent!


Hardball (2001)

The Falling Down of inspirational movies. Keanu Reeves gives no fucks as he tries to get this group of dip-shit kids into a lean mean softball fighting machine! Words are said, tempers are tested, and Reeves legit doesn’t stop to smell the roses, just stops to kick your ass.



Jumanji (1995)

A childhood favorite with CGI that doesn’t hold up quite as well I’d hoped… but the story is just as fun and full of all the crazy Robin Williams antics you could ask for. It has the mystic of a hollywood film with the insanity and gumption of Blues Brothers… that in- they both basically destroy an entire town in the film while doing it in the most enjoyable way.


The Monster Squad (1987)

Watch a group of kids who call themselves the Monster Squad go up against not one, but ALL the Universal Monsters at the same time. This film has one of the best versions of Frankenstein’s Monster I’ve ever witnessed played by the brilliant Tom Noonan, as well as some of the most fun lines to quote afterwards.


Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

It’s sad how much I enjoy this film. It’s growing up in the era of these films mixed with my love of animated birds resting on perky fake breasts… You’ll be surprised who shows up in this movie and just how well they spoof some of the flicks. It finds the line of disgusting or inappropriate and crosses it masterfully. For example…


Practical Magic (1998)

We’ve talked about this movie before on the site, it’s just pleasant to see what it would be like if all the Nora Ephron characters came together and were all witches. Sure the movie is for ladies, but that doesn’t mean a fella can’t learn a thing or two from it… like the importance of the perfect pancake flip. Or Midnight Margaritas.


Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Yes, I’m ending this list with the end of the Halloween franchise. Usually a film that ends an iconic character’s run goes down as the worst film, but if you listen to this podcast episode about Halloween 6, you’ll see that in this case it’s just not true. Though Resurrection isn’t a fantastic movie… it’s flaws are what make it one of the most memorable sequels of the franchise. First off, BUSTA RHYMES leads as a TV producer who’s company DANGERTAINMENT is filming a reality show in the old Meyers house. Got it? Then while doing KUNG FU on Michael FUCKING Meyers himself throws out the line of the century… “trick or treat, Motha Fucka!” That’s just the tip of the iceberg, do yourselves a favor and watch this before it leaves!