The key element that ALL streaming services are missing isn’t the lack of good films… it’s not that they need commentary tracks (but they really do)… The folks at OttoPlay created a simple Netflix plugin that will fill the hole in your heart you didn’t know you were missing… the TV Guide channel.

You can bring back that old channel surfing feel with the OttoPlay Netflix plugin, it lets you skip across “channels” and even brings titles you didn’t even know where on Netflix into the playing field.

You can download the Chrome extension here and once you’ve got it up and running in Google’s browser, head to your on-demand service of choice. Click the extension icon and a series of themed channels (kids, drama, comedy and so on) appear on the screen, spread across Netflix, Hulu and YouTube (if you’re outside the US you may run into access problems).

It’s not perfect but it’s the perfect reason to go and put on some of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons… and if you want recommendations for that you can check out our selections to get you in the mood!