Watch ‘Fuller House’ Nae Nae All Day Day

Netflix being ever so clever and trying to appeal to the “younger crowd” just released a goofy little video with your favorite members of the Tanner household and new stars of the upcoming series Fuller House whipping and nae nae-ing on a green screen.


The series is a revival for us folks who lived through the original Full House series that ran for close to a decade… but for new audiences this is the first time that they’ll get to see your favorite San Francisco house…

I’m so happy that the show from my childhood teaching me family values and helping me find normality in my life is coming back just in time for my quarter life crisis. The entire gang at Fuller House is in full effect and no one (but the Olsens) have bad things to say!

Fuller House has been in talks for a while now and it’s pretty great seeing how far underway it actually is. It also seems the only one who has a loose tongue about the project is co-star John Stamos. He’s constantly posting pictures and tweeting dirty thoughts during production. Just the other day he posted this photo with the main cast back together again huddling over a bouquet of flowers that cost more than my car.

The series is set to release late February.