With only a few days left in Halloween it’s time to start watching all those horror classics you’ve been saving for the final frightening days, guess what “THEY’RE HERE!” I complied a list of my 13 favorite stream queens (pretty proud of that title) the scream queens who have hacked their way into your heart with some of the biggest genre classics known to Hollywood.

These women aren’t just just pretty ladies who can hold a chainsaw and look good on a poster, they’re ready to look fear in the face and tell it to suck their dicks.

I know that these titles are from all around the world, so if you aren’t in the region that the film is streaming, you can use simpletelly absolutely freeto change your region! Here’s my top 13 scream queens streaming now on Netflix!




This stream queen starts off my list because she’s someone who has been able to have her hand in some of horrors biggest franchises. You might remember her from her character roles in the Farrelly brothers’ movies, she has always been a scene stealer. Her first horror movie role was brief but effective as the teacher in Nightmare on Elm Streetthen she was the lovable seasoned stewardess in Snakes on a Plane (Yeah, that was her!), until she got her own franchise as badass psychic Elise in this Insidious franchise… She was SO GOOD they wrote her into the second film even though the first one didn’t pan out for her.

Insidious (UK), Insidious Chapter II (UK), Nightmare on Elm Street (SWE)


12. P.J. SOLES


P.J. Soles gained notoriety when she showed off her boobs in Halloween, that’ll usually grab a 14 year old boys attention. She continued to show up in a ton of 70s films, like Carrie, she made her return to horror in Rob Zombie’s The Devils Rejects. You can find her on Netflix in

Carrie (CA)




Milla Jovavich has gone from model to monster hunter, from fashion to futuristic.. you get it. The star of the Resident Evil franchise, Jovovich refused to let anything stop her at being the only hot woman to slay zombies. She has always been able to bring a sweet blend of toughness and vulnerability to every role she gets.

Resident Evil (BEL)




The star of Ginger Snaps ,Katherine Isabelle brought a unique flair to the werewolf scene. The parallel between a woman coming of age and having an unstoppable bloodlust hadn’t been done before and it was her cadence that brought the viewers to their knees. She’s continued to make her mark in horror as the firey redhead in Freddy vs. Jason, the Carrie remake and brought back as a leading lady with the twisted film American Mary.

American Mary (US), Ginger Snaps (UK), See No Evil (UK)




Linna Quigley turned scream queen into a workout… She was able to scream loud and look killer doing it! One of Quigley’s most memorable roles was in Return of the Living Dead where she felt more comfortable in a graveyard wearing her dignity… and only her dignity (get it?). Her horror titles on Netflix include:

Return of the Living Dead (BRZ), Silent night Deadly Night (IRE)

Pumpkinhead 2: Blood Wings (COL)




Known as the legendary Stuart Gordon’s muse, Barbara Crampton was featured in several of Gordon’s films throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s to today! She’s been able to continue to take creative risks and look good doing it! Crampton started getting popular with Re-Animator then was seen recently as the MILF in You’re Next. You can see her on Netflix in:

Re-Animator (US), Lords of Salem (CA), You’re Next (UK)




This stream queen was raised by horror royalty, her father, Dario Argento, helmed classics such as Suspiria and Deep Red. Asia has been rated the sexiest woman in the world by Maxim Magazine and continues to surprise us with her film choices.

Argento’s Dracula (US), Land of the Dead (FRA)




Even though Sara Paxton hasn’t been in a lot of horror movies yet, she’s definitely taken some big chances and always seems to come out on top… Except in Last House on the Left she got raped in that one. Even though she has more notable roles in comedy and children films, she has used that likeable girl next door quality to her advantage in the horror genre.  Notable roles include The Last House on the LeftThe Innkeepers and Shark Night. Check out her films on Netflix:

The Innkeepers (JAP), Shark Night (BRA), Cheap Thrills (AUS)




McGowan dabbled in genre film in the ’90s, with horror hits like Scream, Phantoms, and one of the leads on CharmedThen in 2006 proved she earned a top spot in the scream queen hall of fame by starring roles in both films featured in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’ double-feature Grindhouse. She was so good in that I feel like America can forget about Rosewood Lane… now on Netflix. Ignore that and watch these titles on Netflix:

Charmed (US), Planet Terror (UK), Phantoms (US), Scream (US)




Danielle Harris grew up making horror films.  Her first film roles were in Halloween 4 and 5 and she has worked like a true scream queen ever since. Many of her subsequent roles have been in horror films. Her signature reaised eyebrow concerned look has won over the hearts of film fans worldwide. Other notable roles include Urban Legend and Hatchet II.

Halloween (SWE), Halloween II (FRA), Hatchet II (SWE), The Town That Dreaded Sundown (UK)




A woman who has been able to flawlessly transcend genre barriers with sci-fi, horror, and even the occasional self-aware spoof. As Ripley in the Alien series, Weaver was not just nominated for an Oscar, she was one of the first females to OWN a franchise and continuously be a character who grew and changed with the films. Some of the titles available to stream right now are:

Ghostbusters (BRA), Ghostbusters II (BRA), Cabin in the Woods (CA)




Even though Heather is only known for the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, that’s all she really needed.  She portrayed a strong female when it wasn’t happening very often and looked at one of the biggest horror icons in the face… and laughed! Check out these titles for my favorite scream queen right now streaming on Netflix.

Nightmare on Elm Street (UK), New Nightmare (US)




Jamie Lee Curtis IS the ultimate scream queen. She’s the final girl’s final girl, when Halloween came out she was the perfect mix of innocent and not up to take any shit. She went on to make appearances in other films of the franchise as well as lead in other great horror films like Prom Night andTerror Train.  NOW she’s starring in a television show called SCREAM QUEENS! Even though only one of her horror hits is on Netflix, you won’t be disappointed.