It’s Back To The Future Day - Best Time Travel Movies on Netflix!

Great Scott! It’s officially the future! The day that Back To The Future chose to be the pinnacle of technological advancement 30 years ago… Unfortunately, we still need roads and  it’s uncool to have you pockets inside out. However I don’t need to tie my shoes because I never untie them.

I think it’s only fair to celebrate one of the best time travel movies with a list of all the time travel movies on Netflix. I went through Netflix around the world and picked out some of the ultimate best  time travel movies that Netflix had to offer! I did a list last year with a bunch of television shows, but this list is just for movies.

Time to sit back, remember that we’ll never be as good as the late 80s predicted us to be, and enjoy this list of time travel movies on Netflix! If you aren’t in the region that the film is streaming, you can use simpletelly absolutely free to change your region!

Back to the future time travel on Netflix

Time Travel movies on Netflix

Back to the future (Netflix Germany)

Thanks Germany being the only region that is streaming the entire Back To The Future franchise! You can spend today sifting through the first two films and then pretending that you enjoy the third one…


Primer (2005)

Probably one of the most confusing on this list is Primer. An independent movie by the man who went on to film the second most confusing movie Upstream Color. The movie is about a group of scientists who create a time machine that lets them go back short periods of time, but when their future selves catch up to their past selves, it’s up to.. I don’t know. I’ve watched this movie a dozen times and barely feel like I understand it. Everyone tells me I’m an idiot, but maybe they’re wrong.


About Time (Netflix UK)

When little Tim finds out that the men in his family have the ability to travel through time, he tries to make his life better by using his power to score some pussy! Rachel McAdams pussy. He uses time travel to get her to fall in love, but all of his time travel messes with everything else.


Austin Powers in Goldmember (Netflix Mexico)

The ambitious sequel for Austin Powers where he has to go back in time to 1969 (69 DUDE! *Air Guitar*) and find Dr. Evil to stop his master plans. The movie isn’t super funny but has some great moments that are unnaturally funny. Back when Mike Myers could be crazy and it not be sad like in The Love Guru…


Terminator & Terminator 2 (Netflix Canada)

You watch the trailer for T2? ‘Nuff said.


The Lake House (Netflix Sweden)

This is a bit of a stretch, because it’s a movie about two people falling in love through letters that are being sent from the past to the future. Even though Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are communicating through time, they never really travel themselves. The mailbox in this movie is the time traveler.


Just Visiting (1995)

Wanna talk about a fish outta water?! Boy these two medieval men are in for a treat when they get sent to the future, 1995! It’s actually a pretty kickass movie that is full of fun lines and physical comedy.


Triangle (Netflix France)

One of my favorite on this list is Triangle, a mind melding movie where a ship sets sail to find their missing friends who were lost in the Bermuda triangle. The movie is insanely complex and constantly keeping you unsure of who to trust or what is happening.


Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

Remember a minute ago when I said “69 Dude”?! That’s from this movie! Two radical dudes go back in time to gather history icons and get them to speak at their high school oral project… what makes San Dimas so awesome? If you haven’t seen this movie, you will have to change that immediately!


The Butterfly Effect (Netflix Mexico)

Ok, hear me out. I haven’t watched this movie in a long time, but the last time I watched it I remember enjoying it to a point where I think time travel movies, I think Butterfly Effect. Sure Ashton Kutcher isn’t the best choice for a serious role, especially when this movie came out and he was still shoo-ing away all the That 70s Show fan girls. But the movie of a boy who dealt with some serious shit as a kid and in his adult life is able to recall all those memories… but remembering those effects his current life.


Timeline (2003)

Haven’t see this one, but it comes highly recommended. “While working at the site of an archaeological dig, Professor Johnston (Billy Connolly) stumbles into a wormhole and plunges back in time to 14th-century France. Mad scientist Robert Doniger (David Thewlis), who accidentally created the wormhole while developing a teleportation device, sends the professor’s son, Chris (Paul Walker), and protégé Kate (Frances O’Connor) back in time to retrieve him. Unfortunately, their rescue mission is sidetracked by a bloody battle between France and England.”


Looper (Netflix Mexico)

Looper is directed by one of the future Star Wars films as well as one of the most unique time travel movies on Netflix I’ve seen in a long time. I really enjoyed the way the film portrayed the near future as well as the reasons a hitman would do anything to stay alive. True love makes everyone more likable.


Detention (Netflix Canada)

I’m closing with one of the most controversial on this list. It’s not just a time travel movie, it’s about 30 different things. It’s what makes the movie so charming and also it’s downfall. A movie about a copycat killer inspired by a movie monster. The kids begin to be taken down and the remaining have to band together and get through detention with their lives.