Even Though ‘Beasts of No Nation’ Bombed, Netflix Gives Zero Fucks

Beasts of No Nation premiered on Netflix on Friday, October 16, and in select theaters worldwide. According to box office mojoBeasts of No Nation had an abysmal opening weekend in theaters.

Beasts of No Nation opened in 31 theaters worldwide and only grossed $50,000…  If you know the history about how hard it was for Netflix to get a theatrical release for Beasts of No Nation at all, 30 theaters is a surprising number. The experiment to release the film theatrically as well as on Netflix simultaneously didn’t work this time but since the streaming services 700,000,000 subscribers are running out of horror movies to watch on Netflix it’s only a matter of time before they all try and watch Beats of No Nation.

It’s not clear just how many subscribers have actually watched the film already but according to a Deadline Hollywood report:

Netflix will not release any viewing numbers for Beasts of No Nation, but Netflix “very happy” with how many people have seen the film so far. That’s always good to hear, especially if you’re fans of Netflix’s original film approach like we are.

I for one am a proud viewer of the film over the weekend, even though I didn’t really find myself loving it I was glad that Netflix made this game changing achievement happen! This was the first of many Netflix original films to release and it seems that regardless of their successes, Netflix will continue to do more until they make a hit.

Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself, will you be watching this film now that it’s no Netflix?