Now Streaming Pod #50 - Talking With ‘The Walking Deceased’

If you’ve been listening to the podcast you’d know all about my absolutely distaste for the zombie spoof film The Walking Deceased. I watched it one day and it quickly became a game to see how far other people could watch it before they had to turn it off… it’s that bad. I hated it so much that I invited the cast and crew to come on my podcast and explain what the fuck happened. I got the writer and co-stars Tim Ogletree and Joey Oglesby as well as assistant editor/zombie Bennett LeBarre and told them I wanted to talk their movie down so much that when people watched it, they’d say “you know what, it wasn’t as bad as Andrew said”!

This was the first interview they’ve done since the films release and get real deep into what they think went wrong as well as the unbelievable inaccuracies that are on their wikipedia page. I couldn’t have asked for a better episode for my 50th podcast and glad they were not only letting me shit in front of their face, they joined in and flung their shit at the same time!

Take a listen then go try and watch The Walking Deceased now that it’s streaming! Don’t forget to subscribe to the show and rate it five stars!

Titles Mentioned on Todays Show

by Andrew Furtado


by Tim Ogletree

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